FRIENDS Consult Ltd undertakes a Results Study to assess the Skills Development Facility (SDF) project effects


About Skills Development Facility (SDF) Project

In June 2020, Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) contracted FRIENDS Consult Ltd to undertake a Results Study to assess SDF project effects on the grantees and trainees (labor productivity, employment opportunities, additional revenues/profits and incomes), the satisfaction by employers and trainees with the training, and any unintended effects of the SDF training activities. FCL accomplished the assignment to the client’s delight and the report is being used by several stakeholders.

Skills Development Facility is a component 3 of Uganda Skills Development Project (USDP) managed by Private Sector Foundation Uganda on behalf of Uganda Government. The strategic intent of SDF is to promote employer-led short-term training to address skills imbalances and shortages in the Ugandan economy.