Gap analysis and linkage readiness assessment for Youth/Village Savings and Loans Associations


In this advent of digitization, technology drives cost-effective access to financial services. Under the Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU), CARE International In Uganda hired FRIENDS Consult to conduct an empirical evaluation to identify gaps in running the Youth/ Village Savings and Loans Associations (Y/VSLAs) in the selected districts of Karamoja and Acholi sub-regions. The assignment was crucial in recommending strategic actions to make the Y/VSLAs ready for digital and broader linkages with formal financial institutions. Recommendations from the detailed study should help enhance financial inclusion in these areas by:

  1. Improving digital literacy and access in the communities
  2. Training Y/VSLA leaders to sharpen their aptitude
  3. Sensitizing the communities on the safety and desirability of mobile banking
  4. Engaging formal financial institutions’ staffs to more deeply appreciate the business opportunity in working with Y/VSLAs
  5. Enhancing the overall business and financial capabilities of the communities
  6. Enhancing gender equality
  7. Establishing more effective risk control
  8. Engaging government for more focused public support
  9. Engaging telecoms to improve digital inclusion as they expand their and mobile money providers’ businesses in the communities.