FRIENDS Consult Ltd has got to be one of the best companies when it comes to handling young talent. Within a year, a typical trainee or recruit is graced with the much-needed skills to successfully navigate the corporate world. This is due to the training that one has during the probation period (usually 6 months) and thereafter.

The firm has a well thought out syllabus for requisite technical skills, managerial skills and self-development/ interpersonal skills, based on which training is done every week. These skills help build a person up carefully and patiently, easing the pressure of being an entrant in the workforce. This brings about rapid development of young minds into professional thinkers.

Another reason Friends Consult is the dream company is that the company is open to recruiting fresh graduates and mentoring them according to how much experience they require. Even the weekly business meetings, attended by all staff and where everyone’s opinion matters, are skill-imparting events.

FCL actively encourages and sometimes sponsors furthering one’s education (such as grad school/ courses)

FCL work exposes young people to a network of institutions and people that they would not ordinarily interface with at their age.

Evidence that all this is working is that former FCL staff are now working at higher levels in several institutions and FCL itself.

This is a company that is passionate about building up staff, rather than taking endlessly from them.

Keren Obara, MSc (Management)

Project Officer FCL.