Management Excellence Through Mentoring

Nurturing talent is essential to cultivating a workforce that operates like an efficient machine.

Why mentorship?

Mentorship is useful when the company is nurturing younger people who can derive value from older persons’ life experiences, and helping older persons who could benefit from alternative perspectives and possibilities from the younger.

FCL is a knowledge firm delivering expertise in knowledge-based solutions. The industry is dynamic in nature due to the constant changes in business, economics, and technology. Hence, continual coaching, mentoring, and upgrading of staff is a necessity to stay ahead of relevant industry dynamics.

How does it work?

FCL’s Mentorship system works to spot and develop core competencies in staff. HR and Senior Managers know how to lead team projects in a way that brings the best out of all team members and helps them imbibe greater competencies. The most effective ways that FCL implements mentorship include:

  • Ingraining training into everyday work.
  • Technical and Personal Development meetings are held every week.

Consistent training and mentorship make it easier to manage systems, processes, and people. Some of the results, according to FCL’s MD include:

  • Projects run effectively with little or no need of micromanagement. Coached staff implement work effectively without need for the Managing Director to control every step. For example, as of May 2023, the MD is involved in only one of seven projects. However, excellent deliverables are sent out that keenly follow FCL’s Quality Standards which are ISO certified.
  • In a relatively short time of 1-2 years, staff get requisite aptitude for consulting solutions in sectors like banking, micro finance, social development, economy, executive training, enterprise development, and SME technical assistance.
  • FCL has been awarded among Uganda’s top 100 medium sized enterprises (survey by KPMG and Nation Media Group).
  • All FCL clients have become repeat clients, evidence of satisfaction.

Keren Obara. Project Officer.