Thirteen suggestions to make work more meaningful for staff

Human Resources (HR) plays a crucial role in making work more meaningful for staff. Meaningful work is essential for employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention. Here are several ways HR can contribute to this:

  1. Cultivate a positive work culture by fostering an inclusive work culture that values diversity, encourages collaboration and cherishes excellence.
  2. Align values, purpose and operations to ensure that an organization’s mission, values, and goals are clearly communicated and drive the work at every level.
  3. Develop employees by giving them concrete opportunities for skill development and career advancement. On-the-job training as well as work place formal training and external training are all valuable tools here.
  4. Implement recognition and appreciation programs to acknowledge employees’ efforts and achievements.
  5. Nurture staff into autonomy and empowerment, encouraging delegation and follow-up to incrementally give employees autonomy in their roles.
  6. Match employees’ skills and interests with meaningful projects and assignments. Encourage employees to pursue projects that align with their passions.
  7. Maintain beneficial feedback and communication, which should be regular, frequent and helpful
  8. Introduce and maintain wellness programs, by promoting physical and mental well-being for stress management, and work-life balance and similar initiatives.
  9. Community engagement – support and encourage employees’ involvement in community service and volunteer activities.
  • Clear career paths – everyone wants to know where their work is taking them.
  • Social connection – create opportunities for employees to socialize and build relationships with colleagues.
  • Mentoring and coaching – implement mentoring and coaching programs to provide guidance and support for employees in their personal and professional growth.

By implementing these strategies, HR can create an environment where employees find their work meaningful and are motivating. meaningful work is a dynamic concept, and HR people everywhere should be adaptable in addressing evolving employee needs and expectations.


Keren Obara.  Project Officer FCL