Business Development Support to aBi Partners in the Pulses Subsector

One of the ways we spread the impact of our work is to work with several beneficiary organizations under one contract with an apex or development partner. Such was the case in July 2020 when aBi Development Ltd contracted FCL to support their five Implementing Partners (IPs) of improvements in the pulses subsector to address institutional gaps that were impacting on their performance. A methodical approach was used to address the gaps and overall business performance of partners.

A carefully planned sequential approach saw us work with the IP to accomplish the following:

  1. Comprehensive needs assessments
  2. Strategic level alignments including updated development of Board manuals and charters, with policies on Board selection, induction, training, evaluations and rotation
  3. Human resource strategies and manuals, tailored to each IP based on its peculiar realities
  4. Development or refinement of financial management systems and manuals, policies and procedures
  5. Working with the IPs to develop strategic and business plans
  6. Developing procurement policies and procedures
  7. Training in areas that needed skills enhancement
  8. Mentoring and guiding the IPs to efficiently develop effective human resource policies, practices and measures
  9. Monitoring progress of the partners based on the plans agreed and coaching/ mentoring sessions earlier done, and giving follow-on guidance to the IPs.

This technical assistance left the IPs much stronger and better established. For each of them, the governance organ (Board) is well structured, with documented policies and procedures. Management is well guided through comprehensive and yet easy-read manuals, and the operations are smoother because management and staff is better skilled.

Article by Keren Obara – Project Officer FCL