Uganda Small Scale Industries Association (USSIA) avails appropriate financial services to its members


In its continued effort to support small and medium size enterprise, USSIA sought to improve access to better financial services for its members. Limited access to suitable financial services hinders the growth of majority of small and medium size enterprises in Uganda.

As a leading consultancy firm with proven years of experience in financial product development, FRIENDS Consult LTD (FCL) was contracted to identify appropriate financial products for USSIA members and support required to enable them better access to financial services. FCL executed the following tasks during the course of the assignment.

  1. Identifying products offered by Financial Institutions and related initiatives which are appropriate for USSIA members and how they match the needs/demand of the members.
  2. Identifying possible support by USSIA to facilitate the access to financial services and to enhance creditworthiness of its members.

FCL recommended suitable financial Products and services that were adopted by USSIA. This increased access to better financial services by USSIA members hence fostering growth of Small and Medium Enterprises in Uganda.